Wednesday, April 23, 2014

liebeskind, where leather meets its heaven

hey hey you you!
i'm calling all leather lovers out there to peek on this amazing brand, Liebeskind

came all the way from Berlin to finally setting its foot in Jakarta; Liebeskind offers us various types of handbags, gadget sleeve, and bracelets with naturally treated leather and innovative design. 
literally translated as "lovechild", Liebeskind is well known for its buttery soft leather handbags and accessories.

 under Urban Icon, Liebeskind will set up an open store concept in Plaza Indonesia which is open to public from April 17, 2014. it will feature Spring Summer collections that is filled with beautiful handcrafted leather in neutral colour and dark hued nylon for its larger and medium size handbags. while clutches are adorned with metallic and exotic skin accent like copper and silver. not to mention its wallets and bracelets are set in mix of grey scale and trendy jewel tone.

so don't you wait any longer! visit the store and experience Liebeskind's adventure in your style :) 

the crowd - on its opening day

 the hater (except Lulut)


 the smiling club 

 little treat for our tummy at Pizza Ebira and #ootd session that can't be missed!

wore: the executives leopard dress (worn as outer), LV drawstring bag, topshop pink long skirt, local brand shoes, factorie florence the machine tank top, diy rings 

with my monochrome babe, Ayin

 the coolest gal in (London) town, Nisa

going crazy with (who-happens-to-be-my-Melbourne-pal), Amel


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

walk in art. ARTE 2014

when i first heard about ARTE, all i can think of is "just another" art exhibition. although it did sound interesting, my perception of art in Indonesia was old-fashioned, tardy, yet not as interesting. but then these whole negativities turned in a flip of a hand. i was wrong. damn wrong!

before entering the exhibition, ARTE served their guests with various stuffs to shop. starting from custom-wood phone case, diary, to accessories are ready to be adopted. i found different uniqueness in each brand and it's great knowing their fresh ideas of art & business in one plate. 

i was pretty mesmerised by the artworks. 
i thought to myself that these creations are real. it feels like the artists have put their hearts in their artwork and successfully swung me into deep imagination. yet, i felt like Indonesian artists have improved a lot. i must say that their quality is comparable with the international ones.

accidentally met the pretty Asor while sightseeing. her monochrome look never fails to impress me, really.

i remembered the days when i was in Melbourne, people were able to express themselves without boundaries; and i see the spirit is coming to Jakarta. so shall we cross our fingers to a better (expressive) city to live in?

my most favourite out-of-the-box artwork where she (the artist) told us different stories through sperm figures. funny and entertaining! lol.

pretty familiar? :p

as i walked through the aisle, it came to my attention that this universe is REALLY beautiful. people's viewpoints are captured in diverse ways but able to give catchy, meaningful sight that is able to inspire other individuals. however, it's such a pity that some people don't realise the goodness in that. sometimes, they judge and throw tantrums to the things they found odd. it's funny though, as human born unique to each other, yet it is so hard to accept other's flaws. aren't we supposed to complete each other?

stop judging and don't let negativity drives you. embrace the differences, appreciate other thoughts, and improve yourself with inspirational beliefs. 
stop talking bad about people because that makes you even worse. instead, support them with your heart and happiness will come along. 
art, in the other hand is one media to let your expression dance freely. liberate yourself from rules and be creative! remember that sky is your limit. so fly and reach your dream :)

you ain't need a pencil to draw, use your imagination while it's still free