Wednesday, June 17, 2015


two lost kids.
wondering where to run.
or where to hide from what-so-called reality.

they were young.
yes, they were.

but the clock never stops ticking.

they grew up.
but their minds stay.
thinking that life is nothing but a playground.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a friend of a friend

i might lost the appetite to write,
but who cares.

let the pictures talk for themselves.
they have rights too, you know :p

zara orange top & purple bag, noki vest & pants, jeffrey campbell transparent heels, romwe hat

with my forever virgo crush,
the infamous diva, Lulut Marganingtyas


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

identity crisis

if i could stupidly invent happiness for not-so-happy situation, what would you call me?
a clown?
if i could do things which are not meant to be done by oneself, what would you call me?
a magician?
if i could patiently follow the uncertain path that leads nowhere, what would you call me?
a stalker?

it feels like i'm failing.
to every single thing i do, i'm judged by a stranger saying
"you're not good enough"
people keep labeling other people for their own perceptions,
and jealousy.
and i have no other option instead of gulping other's comments,
whether i like it or not.

nowadays, honesty has to face extinction
as i fear to be judged, i need to lie to myself
keeping my real identity hidden,
just to be (or at least feel) accepted to the society.

truth hurts.
isn't it?

but at least,
there are people who exist to understand my real self,
accept who i am,
be weird together

wore: fame agenda abstract assymetrical top, zara sky blue pants, vintage man shoes


Sunday, May 17, 2015

skinny hair. not!

before coming to the launching of Serioxyl treatment by L'oreal Professionnel, i wouldn't have learned that hair can be lacking its volume and eventually gone thinner.

it's somewhat easy to notice the symptoms; 
noticing more stray hairs in the show as your shampoo, not being able to wear your parting as your used to, or a sunny photograph that highlights some "see through" areas. this is worrying, girls.

if once i thought hair thinning and hair loss are basically the same thing, i was wrong.
hair thinning can be where the diameter of each individual hair reduces and each strand becomes weaker and fine over a long period of time. whereas, hair loss is where we experience excessing hair fall beyond the normal amount that we shed daily.
either way, both are losing the volume of our gorgeous hair. 
and, it's no longer pretty.

but hey girls, worry no more!
thanks to L'oreal Professionnel's latest innovation, here comes the rescue!

1. Serioxyl Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner will cleanse and condition your hair, whilst leaving hair looking fuller.

2. Serioxyl Aqua Mousse lifts the hair at the roots for a volume boosting effect.

3. Thicker Hair and Denser Hair Serums will add the perfect finish to your hair, leaving hair feeling thicker and fuller.

thanks to the masters from L'oreal Professionnel, i get to know my hair better and learn how to rescue 'em before its too late :')

 what's even more amazing, we could experience the real deal on the spot!
ladies, be jealous!

the rescuer:

after receiving evitalising scalp treatment on the day, i am now on this hair thickening programme by using its shampoo and conditioner at home.
it's almost a month and i already can tell a difference!

psssstttt, i personally recommend these products to our "oldsters" as it's honestly proven working well with my mom! she used to have a very skinny hair, which caused her to lose hair easily.
thanks to Serioxyl (and damn, this is not promoted!) my mom's hair is amazingly thick and easy to style. 
so, peeps! if you love your mom, get her the treatment ASAP!