Sunday, February 1, 2015

green and pink

my most favourite colour has met its match.
these two colours do remind me a lot of watermelon.
luckily, the shoes i was wearing just read my mind completely.

the vibe of these two colours gave me an instant happiness.
it's so bright, i can't stop being so expressive.
please excuse my manner then :3

a few weeks ago, i got a chance to share about fashion and beauty world through this online radio network named Dreamers Radio. it was such an unique experience, despite how awkward i was while talking through its huge microphone.
truthfully, it wasn't my first time being interviewed by such media. i had my first experience back in Melbourne, with Monash (Indonesian) Radio. it was pretty memorable, i got the time to share a little bit about fashion and blogging in the eyes of people these days.

if you don't mind, let me share you a bit about my honest opinion.

fashion these days has absolutely improved. a lot.
people get to express themselves, be more creative, and able to wear whatever they want.
it's good, really. i'm truly happy seeing people who confidently dress uniquely.
but, in the other hand, there're just some other people who dislike or even hate fashion nowadays.
they would say, fashion is getting crazier and people shouldn't dress that way, it's such a sore in the eyes. 
oh yeah, i've heard that.

i don't want to blame them, really. i know each person has different personality as well as preference. it may look unpleasant to dress oddly in public, but it's a way for us (yes, including me) to express who i truly am.
i don't need people's attentions or approvals to define who i am.
it's just me, showing what i believe is nice and i hope you can just... cooperate :)

i hope people will stop mocking the differences and start embracing them. if you dislike their style, why don't you tolerate? we ain't hurting you in any way, right?

i'm just saying, though.
just saying.

with Theresia Feegy from, a renowned beauty blogger indeed

wore: vintage (bought in melbourne) green sweater, topshop pink sheer skirt, guinever watermelon sandal, diva headband


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

man up!

i used to dress quite manly back in Melbourne
and pants are my all time favourite.

thus, i'm making a comeback once in a while ;)

wore: xsml jacket, etclo top, vanishing elephant socks, vintage shoes, diva headband


Saturday, January 24, 2015

colder than ever

it's getting cold.
colder than ever.
and i miss your embrace.
even more. and more.

the time we spent was long gone.
disappear into thin air and no memories were saved.
because we once promised.
what happened there, will forever stay there.

and now i feel like crawling back to the past.
where there is no sorrow.
no tears.
no heartbreak.

laughing to what's not funny.
and speaking through our silent gaze.

so, hey dear winter.
i hope you end soon.
and stop leaving my soul trembling.
like a kid who's lost his way home.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

intoxicated with colours

colours make me happy.
i don't need any reasoning behind that, 
they just make me happy.

and silly, 
once in a while :)

bear with me?