Monday, August 18, 2014

maybe, i'm just not one of those girls

the word "love" may sound so cliché.
it may means "well, i like you, but since you asked for more -love- seems like a better expression"
or "i don't know what's the difference between like and love. so be whatever you prefer, hun"

love is a girl's most romantic rhythm that soothes one's feeling
it somehow has this odd magic which can boost a girl's confidence
and love can make her world gone upside down
i don't know why,
but i'm just not one of those girls.

i don't dislike the word "love"
but it annoys me that those four meaningless letters may actually change everything
and i just hate it, whenever people describe love like they can't live without it.

i know, i know
maybe, i say things (or shit) like this because i haven't experienced what-so-called-love.
but i believe in no fairy tale
like, come on, this is reality. the cruel reality.
although if love really does exist, it doesn't just bloom on first accidental sight (or whatever disney would recall)

i'm sorry, maybe it's just my lunatic thoughts.

wore: mom's top & bag, vintage sheer skirt, @zibyfachrozi (on instagram) one piece necklace, bought in tasmania strap colourful heels


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

mysterious enough?

i've been crazy busy.
sometimes, i wish i could stop the time and hibernate.
i really need to get some rest. really.
but work is piling up and i'm going insane la la la la la la la.

inspired by sherlock holmes ;)
but... failed.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

own your stage!

hi again!
as you can see, i haven't played with bold colours lately. i'm wondering why :/
but this time, i put on my favourite turquoise pieces to add a vibrant feel on the look
and it may look ordinary, but i feel so fineee
and bright :)

anyway, i'm back to send y'all good news!

if you are one lost fashionista craving for good stuffs; let's scream for Zalora's latest campaign: OWN NOW!

fashion isn't just about how to look good nor a trend. it's a statement that empowered people.
that's why Zalora believes, through fashion, people may reveal their identity with no necessary talking.
under the hand of Rachel Zoe; a fashion stylist from America - Zalora's new campaign: OWN NOW will guide women & men to conquer their own world of style through global, fast fashion & myriad runway styles.

other than model, this campaign also involved various people from all Asia to realise OWN NOW & lifestyle. they're the people who live in fashion, music & photography. they are the people who can control the life moment! they are none other than Huy Me, video blogger from Ho Chi Minh City, The Zombettes, DJ from Manila, DJ Ghetto from Singapore, Ayla Dimitri, fashion blogger from Jakarta, Tang Tang, photographer from Ho Chi Minh City.

so, let's join the vibe and post whatever drives your life through facebook, instagram / twitter with hashtag #ownnow.
do you want to own the spotlight? own your vacation? own your outift?
let fashion makes your world... looks better ;) and own your own stage!
click here to see more on the details!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

it's our turn

sometimes, i close my eyes
and let whatever happens, happens.
i feel like dying to keep this reality alive
but life ain't easy. is it?

as the light won't heal,
i decided to run away and hide from the truth.
seemingly unstable, i prefer to stay on my safe haven
and keep away the sharp pain.

i chose to avoid any glimmer of light
that slips into my mind
which may reveal my real identity.
i chose to shut my sense
and forget the meaning of caring & sharing.
i chose to follow whatever order was sent
even though i know, it's not the right thing to do.
but this escape, needs to stop.

and, i'm moving on
i start seeing things from the different eye,
the different point of view, the positive side from its negativity.
let's not be despaired
let's not lose from anxiety
but make a stand & decide what needs to happen 
because our inner self said so.
because we are human beings.



Friday, July 4, 2014

too good to be missed

this is just another throwback post.
and i'll make it fast ;)



Thursday, June 19, 2014

where history remains

well, first of all, 
i'd like to apologise for my sudden disappearance.
it's not that i hate writing or whatsoever, but the load of my job caught me away
i've gotten really busy with work, life, and simply everything.
what's more annoying is... my internet went down for a couple weeks already and it's killing me.

i have loads of stories to tell, to be honest.
there're good & bad things happened in once, it confused my sanity.
now i'm settling things down and i hope whatever best happen for the future :)

this woman above is my mom
i guess i've showed a few of her pics in my older posts, may be a lot older.
and i just can't tell how grateful i am to have a mother, a friend, a counsellor, a partner-in-crime, or any other countless functions like her. 
thanks mom for being around. thanks for being my mom. although a lot of regret you've made back then, i still want to thank you for having me.

the setting of today's post doesn't seem familiar, don't you think?
yeah, i took the photos at kota tua
a place where history was born
where memories were made to be remembered
where the untold stories are ready to be revealed
it's a great place to refresh the mind that is full of ... nothing.

see you soon, guys?


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

aw-aw-tee-deeeeeey / tanamera coffee


wore: HONGKONG dress worn as top, VALLEYGIRL blue skirt, INDIA wooden necklace, H&M leopard cap, CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL/ASOS white - US flag patterned, VNC silver/transparent sandal

because aw-aw-tee-deey is just a routine

DAY SEVEN (the last day - woops!)

it's the final day of NX Mini experience already. oh how sad, i don't feel like finishing ;p
anyway, in this last day i spent the afternoon with my favourite crew in Tanamera coffee.
i believe the pictures below will make you starving - well, i guess i need to apologise beforehand lol.

my favourite green tea latte

don't be panic. i know they look so delish :9
thanks to NX Mini that is able to capture the greatness of these food.
just visit Tanamera at Thamrin City Office Park and enjoy yourself!

selfie with the crew of Tanamera

well, thanks for riding the journey with me, kids!
don't you think the quality of NX Mini is ultra amazing and able to bring the moment back alive?
thanks Samsung for letting me try the new camera!